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Student Project Request Form

How the Projects Work

Projects are specifically structured to allow the students to apply concepts learned in their classes and to assist local businesses under experienced faculty guidance. Students work in groups of 3-4 on each project. The program has been in existence for over 20 years and has assisted hundreds of businesses. The project will be performed under strict confidentiality and students will sign a confidentiality agreement. Your company MUST be willing to share their most recent two or three years of balance sheets, income statements and cash flows for analysis. No fees are charged for the students’ work. You are responsible for reimbursing students for agreed upon travel, photocopying and all out of pocket expenses. The students will not be responsible for any tasks that would normally accrue to temporary or permanent employees of the business. Projects take the full semester to complete.

Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies

Established or recently taken over companies that have reached product-market fit and are scaling. Students will work with the company to help manage their growth. Outcome will include:

  • Strategy Document (Summary advice for achieving client’s goals)
  • Financial Model – projected income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Recommendations for achieving client’s goals

Entrepreneurial Management

For Profit or Non-Profit companies in Dane County with 3 or more employees and at least 3 years in business. Students will work with the company on an analysis of operations and management to formulate a 5-year strategic plan.

Background information – Founding history, company mission, number of employees, products/services offered, key competitors etc.

  • Management systems
  • Strategic positioning
  • Financial analysis
  • Recommendations
Project Deadline

Deadline to submit an application is September 13, 2019

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Student project request form