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Small Business Success Stories

The WI Small Business Development Center at UW-Madison works with hundreds of business each year. From start-ups to growing companies the SBDC assists clients as their businesses evolve. We work with individuals on business planning for start-ups, loan and financing preparation, management and operational issues as well as marketing and sales. The SBDC also offers no cost consultation, as well as non-credit courses.


SBDC client Urban Asset Staff

“I don’t think we’d be where we are today without Michelle and the SBDC. Not only with her guidance but we’ve also taken advantage of their classes building skills in leadership, communication, HR and taxes.” Michelle and the SBDC have fostered steady, thoughtful growth in Urban Assets, Quinn said. The mentorship and the services focus on the big picture.

Melissa Huggins, Urban Assets

See how the SBDC has helped these entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses!


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State Line Distillery

John Mleziva took a winding path to his current role as the founder and owner of State Line Distillery in Madison. "The SBDC has been absolutely crucial for helping us build
and start to grow the business,”

state line distillery

Healthy and Hygge

Sara Lasker leverages her unique skill set to coach people through life transitions as only eleven people in the world as a Master Certified Health Education Specialist.

Sara Lasker Healthy and Hygge

The Business of Art

Bringing together the creative and the logical is an important aspect of Gao’s practice and has been a core philosophy as she built her business in the arts.

Jenie Gao

Little Vikings and Little Cardinals

Brenda Moore Fritz has been committed to education for her entire career. She has a degree in secondary education from UW-Whitewater and after raising her own children, she viewed working with children from birth to age seven as the best opportunity

Little Viking location

Junk King

Big Shirley is here to haul away your junk. Junk King started in 2017 by Eric and Kira Cortese. "“The business plan work was crucial to opening our eyes,” says Eric. “I’m not sure we’d have gotten that clarity without help from Anne and the SBDC."

Junk King owners

“Whenever I feel myself stuck, I just email Linda and say, ‘Can we meet?’” Sharon says. “And she always finds a way to meet with me. She’s an expert at what she does and she’s imparted her wisdom onto me.”