University of Wisconsin–Madison

Small Business Success Stories

The WI Small Business Development Center at UW-Madison works with hundreds of business each year. From start-ups to growing companies the SBDC assists clients as their businesses evolve. We work with individuals on business planning for start-ups, loan and financing preparation, management and operational issues as well as marketing and sales. The SBDC also offers no cost consultation, as well as non-credit courses.

“The SBDC helped me during a time when my business was cautiously starting to scale up. We were seeing success and I had my eyes on growing but needed professional help to see if this was a smart decision. Numbers, budgets, and projections are not things I excel at, but it comes with the territory of being a business owner. Having a consultant walk me through these important things as well as provide me with professional advice and tons of helpful resources has been extremely valuable to me and my business.”
~Kate Holl, Wildewood

See how the SBDC has helped these entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses!

Cookies By Design

Franchise owner Prue Lotharius employs three generations of family members at her gifting business.

Origin Breads

When Kirk Smock was living in Mozambique for four years, he baked bread for his family and other expats who missed sourdough bread. But Smock’s bread isn’t just any sourdough–it’s long-fermented whole wheat sourdough made with local grains.

Millennium Geospatial

Kevin Maes, VP of Engineering at Millennium Geospatial, works with student staff across academic disciplines. By bringing students into the fold, he has been able to provide opportunities and build a pipeline of potential employees for the business.


Kate Holl, owner of Wildewood, brings her passion of plants to provide quality houseplants for her community.

Dolphin Swim Academy

Brittany Ballweg teaches kids to be confident, strong swimmers

Mosquito Joe of Madison

Franchise owner Kate Reithel combines her love of gardening and community

“[My SBDC consultant Amy is] emotionally tied to me and my success, and she’s very good at keeping me focused and on the right path. Amy is the voice of reason... One thing you lose when you leave the corporate world is your team, and the SBDC has almost become that for me.”

Kate Reithel, Mosquito Joe of Madison